• Cross Reference(Catalogue)
  • Cartridge Seals
  • Metal bellows seals
  • Replace Burgmann&BT
  • Replace Johncrane&SEALOL
  • Flygt Pump seals
  • Replace Eagle&Latty&Roten&PAC-Seal&Umbra & Chesterton
  • Replace AES
  • For Automobile Air-Condition Compressor Seal
  • For Auto Cooling Pump Seal
  • Popular seals
  • Wave Spring and other springs
  • Tungsten Carbide
  • SIC & SSIC
  • Carbon(Graphite)
  • O-Rings and Rubber Parts
  • Ceramic
  • PTFE
  • TC Double oil seals
    We do not have those products now!

      Hong Kong Qiangheng Industrial Limited is one of the branch companies of Qiangheng Group in Hong Kong. Our company has established two offices in Shanghai and Jiaxing in Zhejiang Province.
      Our company professionally manufactures mechanical seals for industrial pumps, for auto cooling pumps, for automobile air-conditon compressor and other pumps. These mechanical seals which can replace the similar products of Burgamann, Johncrane, AES , Latty and so on. We also supply various sealing material, such as TC, SSIC, SIC, carbon, ceramic, rubber parts, PTFE and various springs. while more factories can only supply many common mechanical seals. Our main energy is used to manufacture some top-grade mechanical seals, such as cartridge seals, welded metal bellows seals, brazed tungsten carbide products and mechanical seals with pumping screw.
      We always highly appreciate great supports from our old friends and customers. We would like to cooperate with more new friends and customers for "two-win".

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